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 Hi, This is Tube Homie

If you are new and wish to join please reach out to us on IG @tunehomie or on skype  live:a24728586d0ab4cf or by email or call 253-797-5093. Thanks for visiting us! Please continue to read below for more information about us. Sign up is enabled for now so hurry up and join. Thank you.

About us:

This is an invitation only LUXURY Verified Social Media Super store. We help people get verified by offering REAL SMM services. This is a place where both brands and influencers can shop together because of the legitimate services being delivered. Almost everything offered here is REAL. The views are AdSense safe and the plays are royalties eligible because they are tested and proven to be real. Please enjoy and share with a friend or a sponsor for that matter. They will thank you for sure. If you would like to join but the option is not available please reach out to us on Instagram. @tunehomie or by email or on skype live:a24728586d0ab4cf or call 253-797-5093 to sign up to Tube Homie. We specialize in Instagram Likes/Followers, YouTube Views and Subscribers, and Spotify Plays and Followers but we do everything. All of it 100% REAL. Let us build your audience using the content that you produce. We will take care of everything so you can focus on making quality content.

What we offer: 

  • How to get verified on Instagram tutorial/training (one on one training).

  • Blue Check Comments. (verified comments).

  • Verified Likes and Followers. (blue check likes and followers).

  • Verified Engagement Pods. (verified groups).

  • Press Release and Article Writing. (PR article submitting, and writing).

  • Off Page SEO. (back links/link building, white hat).

  • On Page SEO. (Keyword research, metadata optimization, SEO audit).

  • On Page YouTube SEO. (Channel SEO, keyword research, tags, playlists, channel keywords, about, related channels aka channel clusters optimization).

  • Social Media Services For All Platforms. (YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Deezer telegram, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, mix cloud, steam, google reviews, shazam, twitch, you now, and more).

  • Spotify Playlist Campaigns. (Playlist that have lots of followers and lots of songs from verified users and lots of plays being made every second of every day to those songs. Lots of REAL listeners listening to those songs).

  • Paid Posts and Partnerships .(We would love to endorse your brand and share audiences. We can do promo for you on any social media you wish and also on the site on the blog and advertised in other areas around the site like in images and links etc.).

  • Guest Blogging On Our Site. (covered this above).

  • One On One Consultations and training. (Admin spends time teaching you one on one for hours on end if need be all for one flat fee).

  • Channel Reviews. (Admin reviews your YT channel or Facebook page, or artist page or any type of page/account that you have and that has any access to analytics and your content. He will watch some content for about 10 to 30 minutes then I will spend the remaining time creating a screen cast video review of your channel that is given only to you and never made public by us).

  • Song Reviews. (Admin will listen to your song and give his opinion as well as advice on a branding strategy for the song names and album cover suggestions. Will also share with a vast network of musicians with blue check marks on Instagram and if some of them think it's good we may extend cool offers and discounts maybe even a paid partnership).

  • Product Reviews. (We would love to review your product if you would just give it to us. Tech, gaming, social media, photography, film, firearms and accessories, anything cool)

  • Organic Growth Through Promo. (Good old shout outs and shares to people with massive fan bases who can tell a lot of friends who can tell a lot of friends).

  • Traffic Exchange Hits. (Software running as we speak that enables view for view, like for like, sub 4 sub, share for share, so on and so forth 24/7 for each service aka da farm).

  • Botted Targeted Traffic. (regular accounts like any other but that were created quickly by a bot because a bot is just a program that automates a task, a task such as making a Gmail account).

  • Graphic Design. (channel art, album covers, Instagram posts, banners, book covers wallpapers, transparent images, photoshop, gimp).

  • Video Production and Photography (We have an amateur editor on board and an amateur photographer but a pro graphic designer).

  • Music Production and Audio Restoration (expert lever audio restore and amateur level mix and mastering)

  • Accounts For Sale. (we can sell you ig accounts with the followers already on them much cheaper and easier than buying them alone. Plus they don't drop).

  • Stealth Accounts For Sale. (We can build you a stealth account easily and give you a tutorial on how to use it and make more yourself anytime you want).

  • Breaking News About the Social Media Industry. (updates that the rest of the world gets weeks later).(when we make announcements it's the rest of the world that follows).

  • Top Secret Growth Hacks Revealed In The Blog. (We give away secrets often).

  • Account Management. (We can manage it with or without access to it. We can manage just the growth portion of responsibility. We can replace your entire team).

  • Live Musical Performances. (Contact preston hudman for booking).

  • Life Coaching. (Contact preston hudman for a life coach. Pay by the session)

  • Public Speaking. (Contact preston hudman). 

  • Private Internet Fraud Investigations. (We can do research on your behalf and tell you what we learn and even give you advice on how best to deal with your specific situation. 100% confidential to the grave obviously).

  • YouTube Verification. (Silver Play Button) (100k Subs) (WORLD EXCLUSIVE)( We know how to make YT say yes once you have 100k subs, and we can provide the subs fast). OR CONTACT SUPPORT


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