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1,000 YouTube Live Stream Views


Split link: 

7 day refill: no refill

Drop rate: non drop

Start time: 

Delivery speed: 



No refunds only refills.

Do not change to private until job is done.

Do not change username until job is done.

Do not use two sellers at once for one service. I must work alone.

The service description is not guranteed and results may vary. This means that start times and delivery speed may vary.

Delays can happen at any time. is not responsible for anything bad happening to your video/post/account/channel/page etc. 


what does "split link" mean? A) it means you can give me more than 1 target link/username so for example you could buy 1,000 YouTube views and if the description says "split link: yes" you could provide me with up to 10 video links and I would place 100 views on each one. or 500 on 1, 200 on 1 and 100 on the remaining 4 it is up to you to tell me how you want it distributed. if it says "split link: no" then you can only provide 1 target link/username. 

What does 7 day refill mean? A) I provide a 7 day refill period on most of my services. This means that you have 7 days after the completion date to request a refill IF the count drops below the amount sold so if you buy 1,000 and I send you 1500 that means if 501 were to drop within 7 days you could request a refill and I would owe you just 1 giving you 1,000 after all becasue thats what you paid for. 

What does drop rate mean? A) It means the amount you can expect to see drop within the first 7 days before stabalizing.

What does "start time" mean? A) It means that within that time I will see your order and put it into the system.

What does "delivery speed" mean? A) This is how much I can send to you per day So if you place the order and i see it 1 day later and put it in the system that means it will start up to 1 day later and then once it starts it will consistantly send the rate given as the "delivery speed".

What are the "notes" for? A) This is the most important part of the description usually and it describes any unique attributes of the service. Retention rate, quality indicators, even strategic advice is placed here.


During checkout you must fill out the billing information page in order to complete your purchase however you can provide fake information if you want. Please note that at the bottom of that page is a message box you can use to GIVE ME YOUR TARGET LINK/USERNAME. If you miss this opportunity don't worry just send me a message that contains your payment ID plus your tartget link/username.

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To complete your order you must give me the target link/username etc using the message box at the bottom of the "billing information page" where it had you fill in all of your contact info etc. If you do not give me the target link/username then your order is simply completed but on hold until you provide me with the it. You can do this by either sending a message here or on Instagram @tubehomie or on Twitter @tubehomie. You may be asked to supply a transaction ID or screenshot. Your money is always safe and waiting for you if you forget to include the link don't worry.:)Make sure you have read all of the terms and conditions given in each description area for each service. Failure to follow the rules will result in you losing money because it's not my fault if something goes wrong.

Tube homie is not liable for anything bad happening. Buying followers and/or likes, views or any of the stuff here WILL NEVER get you in trouble for being "fake" This is never going to be considered fake" its 100% real. Ask any questions you have on Instagram or Twitter.

@tubehomie example: if you buy 10k followers and 5k drop in 1 month you feel like you lost half your money however if you buy 50k you won't suddenly loose 25k in a month just because you bought more does not mean the drop rate increases that much so buying followers in bulk is the way to go. then in between purchases you can buy small amounts just to stay where you are until you can afford another big bulk order. worldstar hip hop does this tactic and so so i. Another more expensive way would be to replace all the followers that drop each day so that it looks like you never lose any at all and every day on social blade looks green.

Trending up 100% of the time is the proper way to grow however its more expensive this section of tube homies is literally just for SEO purposes and I did not have enough text in my page so I am typing 1,000 words right here. If I had not burned the feedback into the image that would have been enough text. IF YOU SPEND MONEY WITH ME IT ONLY GOES ONE WAY AND YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK EVEN IF THE SERVICE TAKES A LONG TIME TO COMPLETE. I try my best to deliver as fast as possible.

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